History comes alive on San Francisco trip

ImageOn a recent blustery March day, students from Dr. Jennifer Helgren’s American Immigration History course and Dr. Zhou Xiaojing’s Introduction to Ethnic Studies and Creative Writing classes attended a field trip to San Francisco’s historic Chinatown and Little Manila districts. Students dined at the Far East Café, the longest-surviving Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

“I really enjoyed the authentic Chinese lunch at the historic location,” said Julia Lee, History ’14.

The students then toured the Chinese Historical Society Association and Chinatown, where knowledgeable docents introduced the students to the history the Chinese in San Francisco, and how they built their institutions and lives.  The visit ended at the I-Hotel Filipino Cultural Center.


Jenirose Mabalot, Katelyn Dougherty, Julia Lee, Stephanie Medrano take in the view from Twin Peaks in San Francisco before the tour of historic Chinatown

“The I-Hotel was definitely my favorite part as it was a chapter of SF history that I was not at all familiar with,” said Joshua Rayburn, History ’14. “That was definitely most interesting for me, especially learning about how brutal the competition for property can become.”

A Pacific Fund grant, as well as funds from Ethnic Studies and the English Department, made the trip possible.

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