COP Quick-takes: Volume 1

Social Sciences
Over in the Department of Political Sciences, Sarah Lutz, whose project examined at why some people are more likely to immunize their children than others, took first place in poster presentations for POLS 133, an annual rite-of-passage for political science students. Coming in second was David Carranza, whose project looked at why some people are more likely to participate in politics (where participation is more than voting) than others. Congrats Sarah and David!…History professor Ken Albala has edited “The Food History Reader: Primary Sources,” which will be published by Bloomsbury Press in August. This brings Dr. Albala’s book count up to twenty… Dr. Gesine Gerhard, History, will have her chapter, “The Modernization Dilemma: Agrarian Policies in Nazi Germany,” published in Agriculture in the Age of Fascism: Authoritarian Technocracy and Rural Modernization, 1922-1945, available in June from Brepols Publishers. Dr. Gerhard also presented her paper “Changing Colors:  The Green Law of 1955 and the Integration of German Peasants,” at the biennial 2013 Rural History Conference of the European Rural History Organization in Bern, Switzerland…Dr. Ethel Nicdao, Sociology, served as faculty mentor/advisor to Pacific Sociology students who presented their research at undergraduate roundtables at the Pacific Sociological Association conference in Portland, Ore. on March 28, 2014: Katelyn Docherty ’15 presented “Clinical Social Work in a Hospital Setting: Examining what Clinical Social Workers Provide that other Medical Staff Cannot”; Deyanire Del Toro ’14 presented “Cultural Competence among White Social Workers: Detrimental Effects on Culturally Diverse Clientele”…Professor Scott Jensen, Psychology, and several psychology students gave poster presentations at the Western Psychological Association conference in Portland, Ore. Student presenters included Samantha Corralejo ’15, Kristina Meyer ’15, Lubna Skafi ’13, Elise Martin ’14, Sarah Attal ’13, Tyler Nighbor ’14, Melissa Myers,Sean M. Blumberg ’14, and Megan J. Doerr ’14.

Tanya Storch, Religious and Classical Studies, is the author of, The History of Chinese Buddhist Bibliography: Censorship and Transformation of the Tripitaka (Cambria Press, March 2014). She also gave a presentation about the book at the Association for Asian Studies 2014 Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Her paper, “Buddhist Universities in the United States of America,” was published in The International Journal of Dharma Studies. Her chapter, “Fei Changfang’s Records of the Three Treasures throughout the Successive Dynasties and its Role in the Formation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon,” will be published in Spreading Buddha’s Word in China: Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon, Jiang Wu and Lucille Chia eds. (Columbia University Press, 2014)…Zhou Xiaojing presented the paper “Students as Active Participants in Interventional Knowledge Production through Ethnic Studies Courses and Events” on the panel “Creating Transformative Learning Communities through Interdisciplinary Studies and Campus Events” at the 42nd Annual Conference of the National Association of Ethnic Studies held at Mills College in Oakland, Calif., April 3 -5.

Physical and Earth Sciences
Prof. Kurtis C. Burmeister, Earth and Environmental Sciences, had his paper “Deformation and magnetic fabrics in ductile shear zones: a review” in the journal TectonophysicsQinliang Zhao, Chemistry, had her coauthored paper, “A Strong Metal-to-Metal Interaction in an Edge-Sharing Bioctahedral Compound that Leads to a Very Short Tungsten-Tungsten Double Bond,” published in Inorganic Chemistry. Zhao was also the research advisor for Carolyn Tran-Math ’11, ’14, who gave two poster presentations at the 247th American Chemical Society National Meeting, March 16-20 in Dallas, Texas: “Light on the Horizon: Polypyridyl Metal Complexes for Use as Optically Active Monomers” and “Elliciting Tunable Mechanical Properties in Polymers Grafted to Optically-Active Metal Complexes”…The Athletic Training Program in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences received approval by the Board of Certification to provide continuing education units for Athletic Training professionals.

School of International Studies
Yong Kyun Kim, Political Science, had his article, “Inequality and Sovereign Default under Democracy,” accepted for publication in the European Journal of Economic and Political Studies. Kim and Daniel O’Neill, Political Science, will have their coauthored paper, “Transparent Motives: The Democratic Advantage in International Credit Markets,” published in the Journal of International Relations and Development. Professor O’Neill also had his paper, “Playing Risk: Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Cambodia,” accepted for publication by the journal Contemporary Southeast Asia….Analiese Richard, Anthropology, was invited as a visiting research professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) in Mexico City. While there, she gave an invited lecture, “La Delta de California como objeto de análisis: Renovación de un programa de Estudios Ambientales,” to graduate students and faculty from the joint Environmental Colloquium of the UAM and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She also presented the paper “(In)formalización de la ciudadanía: Las ONG y la transformación de la política,” at the 6th Annual International Meetings of the Continental Research Network on Informality in the Metropolis (RECIM) in Mexico City. Together with colleague Felipe De Alba of UAM, she was charged by the members of RECIM with co-authoring a theoretical monograph on state fragmentation and uneven formalization to be jointly published in Spanish by UNAM, UAM, and Harvard University.


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