COP celebrates initiation of new Phi Beta Kappa members

College of the Pacific is please to announce the initiation of ten new members into Phi Beta Kappa, one of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished honor fraternities. Friday’s ceremony also honored three students who were initiated in 2013, and also saw the initiation of Little Fawn Boland, SIS ’98, into the society as an alumni member.

“I was uniquely qualified for law school because of the liberal arts education I received at University of the Pacific,” said Boland, a partner at Ceiba Legal, LLP, a law firm that specializes in the needs of tribal governments, tribal enterprises, American Indian individuals and entities seeking to partner with tribes. “You walk into a room, and you’re not starting from zero – you have a bedrock foundation of knowledge to draw from.”

PhiBetaKappaThe following students were honored at Friday’s ceremony:

Tanairi Alcaraz, Major in Political Science and English
Kelsey Belomy, Major in English; minors in Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies
Brett Chance, Major in Philosophy; minor in Music: Guitar
Shannon Chapman, Major in Development and Cultural Change, Music: Bassoon, and Economics: Applied Economics
Nathan Chau, Majors in International Affairs and Commerce (BA) and Economics: Applied Economics; minor in French
Laura Coyt Zavala, Major in English; minor in Latin American/U.S. Latino Studies
Danielle Faith Finnick, Major in Psychology; minor in Anthropology
Francisco Gonzalez, Major in Philosophy; minor in Gender Studies
Jesse Herche, Majors in Music Performance: Violin, and Biology; minor in Chemistry
Eugenia Hernandez, Major in Spanish: Spanish Pedagogy; minor in Teaching Professions
Julian Lacombe, Majors in History, French Language and Literature; minor in International Studies
Lydia Schramm, Major in Biological Sciences (BS); minor in Chemistry
Sara Anne Wong, Major in Biological Sciences (BS); minor in Chemistry

Congratulations to all of our Phi Beta Kappa initiates.

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