COP Quick-Takes, Volume 2: Return of the Quick-Takes


From left: Kyle Sasai, Macelle Mahala, Jianhua Ren, Chris Goff, Danielle Procope

Social Sciences
Psychology faculty and students presented research at the 94th Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Associationin April in Portland, Ore. Tyler Nighbor ’14, Katrina Bettencourt ’16, Audrey Campbell ’16, Brittany Olisar ’14 and Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, presented the poster “Investigating the effects of repeated measures on infant moral choices”…Tyler Nighbor ’14, Emily Metz ’14, Audrey Campbell ’16, Katrina Bettencourt ’16, Katie Uhlhorn ’13, Nicole Schultz ’14, and Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, presented the poster “An Evaluation of Free-pour Training Procedures for College Students”…Byron Patton ’14 was the recipient of this Jesse Marks Co-curricular Award, which recognizes a graduating senior who has made significant and outstanding contributions to the University. Patton is a psychology major with a minor in business administration…Kyle Sasai ’14 was one of two recipients of this year’s Elizabeth Griego Outstanding Student Leader Award, which recognizes two graduating seniors who have made significant and sustainable contributions to the student experience at Pacific. Sasai is an political science and educational administration major and a Pacific Legal Scholar.

Physical and Earth Sciences
Chemistry faculty and undergraduate students presented research at the 26th Annual American Chemical Society Northern California Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of San Francisco, Calif. Dilraj Sohal ’14 and Brock Allen ’15 presented the poster “Synthesis of crown ether-bearing pyrimidines and evaluation of their ability to complex with metal ions” coauthored by Anoopjit Singh ’16, Advisor: Liang Xue…Alec Follmer ’14 gave an oral presentation “Computational studies of the gas-phase acidity and basicity of organic molecules”, coauthored by Bhupinder Padda’13, Advisor: Jianhua Ren…Justin Nguyen’15 and Jigar Patel’15 presented the poster “Manual synthesis of polypeptides”, Advisor: Jianhua Ren…Diana Wang ’15 was the recipient of the Dochterman Outstanding Junior Scholarship award, which recognizes a student with junior standing who has made significant contributions to the University. Wang is an athletic training major…Balint Sztáray, Chemistry, and Sampada Borkar ’14 had their article, “On the Protonation of Water” in Chemical Science, the new flagship journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry…Kurtis C. Burmeister, Earth and Environmental Sciences, had the paper “Deformation and magnetic fabrics in ductile shear zones: a review” published in the journal Tectonophysics. Dr. Burmeister also completed a recent blog post about his field research trip to IrelandIlona Serebnitskaya ’14, Gurbir Gudial ’13, and Andreas Franz, Chemistry, published the article “Structure assignment and H/D-exchange behavior of several glycosylated polyphenols” in the peer-reviewed online journal ARKIVOC. The paper was co-authored by Christopher Wallis from the Crop Diseases, Pests, and Genetics Research Unit of the USDA-ARS San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Sciences Center.

Chris Goff
, associate professor of mathematics, has been appointed Assistant Provost of Diversity; he will oversee all University diversity activities in the Academic Division, including the implementation of the Faculty Diversity Hiring Plan and assisting faculty in incorporating diversity and inclusion in the curriculum. Professor Goff has also had two English translations accepted for inclusion in the Euler Archive, a dynamic library and online database that provides digitized versions of original publications, links to available translations, and access to current research regarding the published works of Leonhard Euler (1707-1783).

Danielle Procope ’14 was one of two recipients of this year’s Elizabeth Griego Outstanding Student Leader Award, which recognizes two graduating seniors who have made significant and sustainable contributions to the student experience at Pacific. Procope majored in English and Philosophy with minors in Sociology and Ethnic Studies…Merrill Schleier, Visual Arts, had her article, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: the Two Lincolns, Monuments, and the Preservation of Patriarchy,” published in the May 2014 issue of the Quarterly Review of Film and VideoCaroline T. Schroeder, Religious and Classical Studies, presented “Digital Coptic:  Building an Online Environment for the Study of Coptic Literature” with Dr. Amir Zeldes, of Humboldt University, Berlin, at the Center for Tebtunis Papyri at UC Berkeley. Professor Schroeder is currently attending the North American Patristics Society Annual Meeting, dedicated to the study of the history & theology of Early Christianity…Macelle Mahala, Associate Professor of Theater Arts, has been named as the new Interim Director of the Humanities Center. Professor Carrie Schroeder, the current director, has won two NEH grants and will be taking a leave next year to conduct her research. Macelle Mahala is a theater historian. During her tenure at Pacific, she has participated and organized a variety of activities aiming at fully integrating the arts and humanities into campus life.

School of International Studies
Daniel C. O’Neill
, Political Science, had his manuscript, “Risky Business: The Political Economy of Chinese Investment in Kazakhstan” accepted for publication by the Journal of Eurasian Studies…Bruce La Brack, Emeritus, chaired a session on Early Migrants and Institution Building at the Sikh Studies in the 21st Century Conference, sponsored by the Center for Sikh and Punjab Studies and the Global and International Studies Program, at UC Santa Barbara.

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