Come fly with COP: Students spend their summers abroad

University of the Pacific offers students the chance to study at universities and colleges around the world, but for some of our students, the adventure of a lifetime doesn’t have to wait until the Fall 2014 semester. College of the Pacific is currently holding three summer immersion programs abroad in China, Italy, and France. We’ll be bringing you updates as we hear from them, but for now, here’s a quick look at their experiences.


Students arrived in the beautiful Umbrian hill town of Assisi, home of Saint Francis, on May 14 to start six weeks of intensive language study and earn 8 Pacific extension units equivalent to first year college Italian. While in Italy, participants will take experience concerts and lectures on music, guided tours of famous sites of Assisi, cooking class and food tasting, sampling of typical products of Umbria, a weekend in Florence and Rome, and viewings of Italian cinema.


These study abroad students in Guatemala are waiting to board a speedboat to Lake Atitlan, where they visited the indigenous town of Santiago Atitlan and saw the effigy of Maximón, the fedora-wearing and cigar-smoking patron saint of the village. While students participate in homestays in Guatemala and attend intensive immersion courses, during their four weeks abroad they will also visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal, a coffee plantation, a macadamia farm, an indigenous weaving village, Pacific coast beaches, and hike an active volcano, and learn to dance salsa.



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