Quick-Takes, Vol. 5: COP and the Order of the Quick-Takes

From left: Marian Jacobs '47, Matt de la Pena '96, Tricia Vang '13, and Norman Allen '88.

From left: Marian Jacobs ’47, Matt de la Pena ’96, Tricia Vang ’13, and Norman Allen ’88.

The Fall 2014 semester kicks off in just a few short weeks – take a look at our last summer edition of Quick-Takes. Have no fear, however, we’ll continue to bring you updates and Quick-Takes from College of the Pacific all year long.


Caroline T. Schroeder, Religious and Classical Studies, presented “Shenoute in Code: Building a Collaborative Online Environment for Studying Coptic Literature” at the  UCLA-St. Shenouda Society Conference on Coptic Studies at UCLA..current student Sarah Yung, English, was featured in Seventeen Magazine as a style ambassador for University of the Pacific. Sarah is an intern with the popular website, CollegeFashionista, and is a second-year Pacific Humanities Scholar…a class taught by Xiaojing Zhou, English/Ethnic Studies, was highlighted by Dr. Adeline Koh of Richard Stockton College in her recent article, “Introducing Digital Humanities Work to Undergraduates: An Overview” in the online journal Hybrid Pedagogy. Dr. Koh visited Pacific last fall and provided several lectures and workshops on the emerging field of digital humanities.

Social Sciences

Jennifer Helgren, History, published “Native American and White Camp Fire Girls Enact Modern Girlhood, 1910-1939” in the American Quarterly, the journal of the American Studies Association. She presented “‘What Kind of World Do You Want?’ American Youth, the UN, and Anti-Racism in the Early Cold War” at the 16th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women in Toronto, Ontario. She also presented “‘Play Foreign Shopper’: Girls’ Consumption and Internationalism after World War II” at the Society for Historians of American Foreign Diplomacy Conference in Lexington, Kentucky…Matt Normand, Psychology, and his graduate students published the lead article in the summer issue of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. The study “Further evaluation of a functional analysis of moderate-to-vigorous activity in young children,” was authored by Tracy A. Larson ’12, Normand, Allison J. Morley ’12 and Bryon G. Miller ’10, ’14.   The article, which explored factors that contribute to increased physical activity in young children, has ignited a string of similar work on physical activity by researchers in other universities…Jessica Smith has been promoted to forensic services coordinator in the Department of Psychology in College of the Pacific….

Earth and Physical Sciences

Kurt Burmeister, Geology, was interviewed by the Sacramento CBS affiliate for a story on the influence the state’s drought may have on earthquakes, groundwater and aquifers. The segment, which appeared Aug. 5, was shared with at least two other CBS affiliates, KION in Monterey and KMEG in Sioux City, Iowa, for Aug. 6 broadcasts, and KOVR’s sister station, KMAX, which broadcast a version on Aug. 6. KION broadcast the segment at least twice….Liang Xue, Chemistry, presented “The chemistry of G-quadruplex DNA” at the 10th SINO-US Chemistry Professors Conference at Shandong University, China.

AluminiVang_Film Poster

College of the Pacific alumna Marian Jacobs ’47 will receive the STAR Award, the highest award bestowed by the Stockton Arts Commission, for her many decades of support of the arts in Stockton, including being a founder of the Stockton Arts Commission and The Marian Jacobs Literary Forum…Norman Allen ’88 was recently elected to University of the Pacific’s Board of Regents. Mr. Allen was a Political Science and Communication double major, and is currently senior vice president and partner at Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. in San Francisco…Matt de la Pena, COP ’96, was featured this week on “All Things Considered” on NPR. Matt spoke about his struggles with identity, cultural gender expectations, and family dynamics in his segment, which can be heard online. De la Pena will be speaking at Pacific in November…Tricia Vang ’13, College of the Pacific Theatre Arts, is one of the stars of the film Khiav, shot entirely on location in Thailand, about the struggles of the Hmong during and after the war in Viet Nam. She is pictured on the top right of the film’s poster.

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