Art department faculty display their talents in new exhibition

This exhibition celebrates the department’s impressive scope of faculty talent, highlighting a diversity of media and approach used in traditional and contemporary creative practice. Exhibiting artists include tenured, tenure-track, adjunct and emeritus faculty, as well as the new administrative assistant. This celebration of art and its makers is an opportunity for artexhibitstudents, the public, and local community to view new and original works from this award-winning and widely exhibiting group of artists and designers.

The artists and designers exhibiting their work will include Brett Deboer (Graphic Design), Marie Lee (Graphic Design and Applied Arts), Elinore Ceballos (Photography), Michael Leonard (Mixed Media Portraits), Barbara Flaherty (Drawing and Painting), Jennifer Little (Photography), Deanna Hunt (Painting), Monika Meler (Printmaking), Dan Kasser (Photography), Jill Vasileff (Painting), and Lucinda Kasser (Painting). 

Accompanying Current Work From Within are artists’ talks: Monika Meler, “A Guide to Getting Lost,” September 4 at noon and Deanna Hunt, “A Practice in Awareness,” September 18, 6:00 pm. Both talks are in the Jeannette Powell Art Center, room 209 next to the gallery. All events are free and open to the public.

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