Internship With Nathan Associates: Week One

Nathan AssociatesIt is truly exciting to have completed the first week of what will be an invaluable professional development and career exploration experience for me this summer. As one of the inaugural participants in Pacific’s Nathan Scholars Program, I am interning at Nathan Associates, an economic consulting firm headquartered in Arlington, Virginia just outside of the Washington, D.C. metro area. The firm specializes in applying economic analysis to real world problems in the four areas of Litigation Consulting, International Development, Business & Industry Consulting, and Infrastructure Planning & Economics.

Throughout the summer I will be assisting the Infrastructure Planning & Economics and the International Development teams to expand my interest in international and economic development around the world. Although it is only the first week, my projects have included research on countries’ economic sectors and writing for project proposals. My supervisors are incredibly well versed on economic theories and have traveled to countries around the world for development and infrastructure focused projects. I am looking forward to learning as much as possible from them! For more information on Nathan Associates and the work it does, visit

As an intern, there is no shortage of things to do in DC and events to attend! As I am currently staying in the summer intern housing at American University, I am surrounded by similar college or recently graduated interns with passions for everything from politics, economics, national security, journalism, to non-profit work to name a few prevalent fields. DC is a hub for social change and issue-driven work and offers many speaker series and interactive events. In particular, I attended an event hosted by the DC +Acumen chapter at the popular community café, Busboys and Poets, on Social Impact through Social Journalism, which highlighted how different media platforms can be used to amplify a social cause and spread awareness about social issues in today’s society. It was fantastic to hear such motivated speakers and engage with fellow attendees on how to build these types of media platforms. This is just one example of the many events I hope to attend this summer! To browse through some of the many events offered in DC, check out Busboys and Poet’s event page

– Courtney

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