Internship with Nathan Associates: July Roundup

July is coming to an end and while there is much to write about, there are also still so many things to check out in the city before my internship comes to an end in mid-August!

Courtney Bye Boston

Visiting a friend in Boston

As I recently completed my halfway mark for my internship, I switched departments at Nathan Associates from Infrastructure Planning & Economics to the International Development & Economics line of business. By moving to a different department I am able to work under new associates and engage in different projects to get a truly well rounded experience here. The International Development & Economics department, commonly referred to as IDE, works on a variety of projects in topics ranging from agriculture, food security, and rural development to gender integration and trade facilitation in countries around the world. I have been working on a unique project researching the department’s past project experiences and have been exposed to much of the work that has been conducted by the firm over the past twenty years!

Aside from work, I have been playing tourist in DC and seeing many of the sites! There are 18 different Smithsonian museums in the DC metro area including the popular Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. Nearby is the National Mall & Memorial Parks where visitors can see the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial among countless others. The walk is great during the day or at night where you can see the monuments lit up, although no matter what time you visit there are always plenty of other people with the same idea!

Last weekend I also got the chance to take a trip outside of DC to visit some friends I met through my study abroad program in Shanghai, China. I got a cheap flight to Connecticut and spent the weekend exploring Hartford and even went to Boston for a day!

I have three more weeks left and can’t wait to see what else comes along the way!

-Courtney Bye

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