Pacific professors hit the airwaves

From cookbooks to Coptic texts, to the controversy surrounding the Lincoln Memorial, several of our College of the Pacific professors were busy giving radio interviews about their research last month.

Listen to their segments below:

Teresa Bergman

Tersa Bergman

Teresa Bergman, author of the book Exhibiting Patriotism, explores why we erect monuments to national events and figures—or why we think we do. During this week’s discussion, Teresa will share research that examined the patriotic narratives of some of our most beloved memorials and how this narrative is changing and what this means to our sense of national identity.

Caroline Schroeder

Caroline Schroeder

Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson are joined by Prof. Carrie Schroeder to discuss the present and future of the Humanities (and Digital Humanities) and what implications such studies have for our cultures and societies.

Ken Albala

Ken Albala Cooking

Food historian Ken Albala ponders the future of the cookbook in the digital age.



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