Boren Scholarship Presentation Nov. 12

A Program Officer from the Boren Scholarship will conduct an Information Session on Thursday, November 12 at 5pm in George Wilson Hall. The Boren, through the National Security Education Program (Department of Defense), provides generous funding of up to $20,000 for students in all majors to study abroad “critical need” languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, and many others.  STEM students are eligible to apply for summer funding alone. All other students must apply for at least one semester, but the most competitive applicants will apply for at least 8 months of study. New programs to learn African and South Asian languages (Swahili, Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, etc.) are exciting additions to the Boren roster. The application is due February 9.

Past Pacific winners include:

Cheyanne Harris, Engineering (Japan)

Caitlin Denton, Sociology (Ghana)

Brianna Jährend, Engineering (Russia)

Shannon Chapman, SIS (Ghana)

Kelly Walker, SIS (China)

Trevor Rosenbery, SIS (China)

Please contact Pacific’s Fellowship Advisor, Dr. Susan Weiner, for further details:


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