Watch Professor Larry Meredith’s Last Lecture

Professoring at Pacific: The Whole Truth About Half a Century

Beloved Emeritus Professor Larry Meredith returned to Pacific during Homecoming 2015 to deliver his “last lecture” to a packed audience.

Meredith’s tenure at Pacific spanned 33 years from 1966-1999, during which he inspired thousands of students. He held a variety of positions at Pacific including: dean of the chapel, professor of humanities, and professor of religious studies. He helped establish Callison College, one of the nation’s first cluster colleges, which emphasized international relations with faculty and students traveling annually to India and Japan. Even after his retirement, Meredith remains active in the campus community by providing lectures, meeting with students and mentoring faculty.

We are pleased to present a recording of his entire lecture here:

The College wishes to express its sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to the members of the College of the Pacific Leadership Council for making this lecture possible. These dedicated Leadership Council members create a lifelong habit of supporting College of the Pacific by inspiring philanthropy among students, alumni, parents and friends. Your gift to the College lets our students thrive.

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