Julia Nguyen ’19 rebrands Pacific Wellness

By Kat Elliott

Redesigning the eight dimensions of wellness

Provost-55Graphic design student, Julia Nguyen ‘19, is remarkable for her work with Pacific Wellness this past academic year. She is responsible for creating the newest “PacWell” logo and designing the posters, banners, and postcards from Wellness Week. But her interest in graphic design is fairly new. It only became an interest in high school, after she designed a logo and other promotional items for a made-up company during a state-wide business competition. After starting at Pacific, Julia began looking for on-campus graphic design jobs. The first listing on Tiger Jobs was for work with PacWell, and after applying, she was hired immediately. 

PacWell is dedicated to preserving the wellness of the Pacific community through the eight dimensions of wellness: career, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. It offers both on-campus and off-campus resources and services to help Pacificans maintain each aspect of their personal wellness.

One of Julia’s first assignments with PacWell was to design a new logo. The old logo was unclear in communicating which of the eight dimensions of wellness it represented. In order to address these ambiguities, Julia created new icons and added the name for each dimension so it would be very clear which dimension is which. She also added bright, vivid colors to give PacWell a fresh and fun look. Perhaps the most innovative change to the logo, however, was the layout. “The old logo was a group of circles surrounding one big circle, which made it feel like the dimensions were not connected,” said Nguyen. “I chose to make it into one big circle that is divided into slices that connect together to show that although there are eight different dimensions, they are all important for overall student wellness.”

Nguyen’s graphic design professor, Steve Mehallo, was particularly influential on her work ethic and artistry. “He has taught me a lot about working in the graphic design field and always pushes me to go further with my work and to always aim for perfection. I take his advice when I am doing my school work and also my work at PacWell,” she said. There were also some classes that she took that helped her to expand her skill set with basic design and colors, all of which she used for her work with PacWell.

Julia’s journey with PacWell isn’t over yet. She will continue to work for them next year, something she is very excited about. “As a freshman, her work with PacWell mirrors what might be an off-campus internship for an older student,” said Liz Thompson, director of PacWell. “Julia’s vision and talent are directly responsible for the amazing logo we have now.”

pacwell website headerHer experience with PacWell has continued to strengthen her design skills, and she has learned how to use new tools and techniques. “The best part of this job is that it is a great learning experience,” said Nguyen. “I love that I am getting real world experience in my field and it has taught me a lot about what it is like to be a graphic designer.”


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