Carlos Delgado: A summer in Uganda (Part 1)

Carlos Delgado with Professor Courtney Jensen

My name is Carlos Delgado. I am a first-generation American and a Stockton native. I recently graduated this past May with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science and a minor in Biology. I aspire to one day become a physical therapist and am fortunate enough to have been accepted into a number of physical therapy programs in California. I will be attending the University of the Pacific’s program to obtain my doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) this upcoming fall. Since graduating, I have been in Uganda.

I am currently interning at the Ugandan Bureau of Statistics in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. I initially heard about the opportunity from one of the most influential professors I had during my time at Pacific, Courtney Jensen. We are currently working on independent research involving health and analyzing the possible variables, such as diet and exercise, that may be leading to the common illnesses found in Uganda. We are currently working with the Ugandan Health and Demographic Survey (UHDS) which the staff conducted a few years ago.

My experience in Uganda thus far has been phenomenal. Uganda is beautiful and I have already created amazing memories that I will hold dear to my heart as I move on to different endeavors. The country is unique in that it holds both extremes of poverty and wealth. The unequal distribution of wealth is very obvious and one can not help but gain a newly found appreciation for what the U.S. has to offer in terms of resources.

Carlos Part1Overall, the internship is great and it allows for students to travel to a different country and gain new insight on another part of the world. In addition to learning great cross cultural skills from working with individuals from another country, I also have the pleasure of observing and learning from two remarkable professors from the University of the Pacific: Bill Herrin and Courtney Jensen. The unique bits of knowledge that I have gained by working with them range from random physiological facts to alternative views or perspectives on life has been more than useful.

If anyone is interested in the internship, I highly encourage them to contact either Bill Herrin or Courtney Jensen about the opportunity or feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to sharing more about my experiences while I am here.


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