Math competition adds up to fun for local students

Math Competition

Students, coaches, and teachers from 11 schools throughout San Joaquin County participated in the Eighth Annual Avinash Raina High School Math Competition on April 22.

Students from Benjamin Holt Academy, Cesar Chavez High School, Edison High School, John C. Kimball High School, Langston Hughes Academy, Lincoln High School, Mountain House High School, Sierra High School, Stockton Early College Academy, Tracy High School, and the Tracy Learning Center came to Pacific’s Stockton Campus for a day of fun competition.

Students competed in a series of individual exams across four levels of mathematics, from geometry to calculus. A buzzer round at the end determined overall team awards.

In addition, students watched a keynote presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Basha of Pacific’s School of Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Basha’s students presented their research in a series of interactive demonstrations.

This year’s competition was once again made possible through the generous contributions of the Avinash Raina Foundation. The foundation was established in memory of Avinash Raina, a Stagg High School student who demonstrated exceptional math skills and a passion for speech and journalism. Raina was in many ways the ideal student, but his professional ambitions were cut short when he was diagnosed with tongue cancer at the age of 19.

Raina’s parents established the math competition, as well as scholarships for journalism and speech students at Stagg High School, to keep their son’s legacy alive. As the competition approaches its ninth year, it is safe to say that Avinash Raina’s legacy continues to thrive.

In addition, this event would not have been possible without the support of dedicated coaches and teachers who motivate their students to succeed. Their work ensures students are prepared for the competition’s challenges.

Overall team awards went to Lincoln High School, Tracy High School, and Benjamin Holt Academy.

Individual awards:

  • Geometry
    Rizelle Mae Mazon, Tracy High School
    2.   Emmi Chi, Lincoln High School
    3.   Ivan Kwok, Mountain House High School
  • Algebra 2
    Ian Galvez, Tracy Learning Center
    2.   Jacqueline Hurtado, Tracy Learning Center
    3.   Kayvon Moshiri, Tracy Learning Center
  • Pre-Calculus
    Nathan Almas, Lincoln High School
    2.   Kailash Maddula, Lincoln High School
    3.    Zaid Mamsa, Tracy High School
  • Calculus
    Jorell Gotamco, Lincoln High School
    2.   Rahul Chikka, Tracy High School
    3.   Jonathan Elizaga, John C. Kimball High School

For more information on supporting the High School Math Competition, contact Dr. John Mayberry (, or visit the Department of Mathematics website.

The competition also has new Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages where news about the event is posted. Students can also use the pages to interact and compete over the internet in various challenges.

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