Pacific Summer Institute looks at state of media and communication

Pacific Summer Institute group photo

Institute speakers and the delegation of Chinese students pose for a photo in the University’s DeRosa Center.

The sixth Pacific Summer Institute hosted undergraduate students from the College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University. Students attended sessions and excursions from Tuesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 16.

Rena Fraden, dean of the College of the Pacific, welcomed students, faculty and guests to the opening session Tuesday morning.

Dean Rena Fraden

Dean Rena Fraden welcomes students and faculty to the 6th annual Pacific Summer Institute as Media X Director Kevin Pontuti looks on. (Photo courtesy Dave Frederickson)

The keynote speaker was Professor George Barnett of UC Davis’ Department of Communication whose presentation was titled “A Network Model of International/Intercultural Communication.”

Other topics included social media and health care, political satire on television and documentary film production.

On Wednesday, the Institute’s associate director, Dr. Graham Carpenter, led a tour of Sacramento media organizations.

On Friday, Pacific Professor Jinzhu Gao led a visit to Silicon Valley, including Google and Stanford University.

The Chinese delegation was made up of 15 people, including 10 undergraduate students, three doctoral students, one master’s student and one faculty member.

“These brilliant Chinese students are the best ambassadors who will use their sharp research skills to conduct research on various topics related to the relationship between China and the United States,” said communications department chair  and director of Pacific Summer Institute Qingwen Dong. “Their  research results will greatly contribute to building a stronger and better bridge between the two countries. ”

To see a more detailed agenda and to learn more about the speakers, visit the Pacific Summer Institute’s website.

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