Reports from the path of totality

Pacific professors and students have fanned out across the United States to see the total eclipse for themselves.

English professor Courtney Lehmann and her husband, physics professor Jim Hetrick, are sending photos and sharing their experiences with us from Oregon.

COP Dean Rena Fraden is in Idaho with her family.

Monday, Aug. 21


Physics professor Dr. James Hetrick: Here are the first pics to come off the camera, from Madras, Oregon. It was AWESOME!!!!


Dr. Lehmann and her daughter, Lyra, during the totality.

solar t-shirts-rena

The family of COP Dean Rena Fraden wait for the big event in Idaho.

fake news rena

Dean Fraden has her solar glasses on and is ready for the eclipse!

Sunday, Aug. 20


Posts from English professor Dr. Courtney Lehmann: Sunset in Madras, Oregon.

FullSizeRenderWe are a few miles north of Madras, waiting in an epic line to park in a field.

You can see the wide open views here.


north of madrasJust north of Madras, Oregon


oregon traffic

Saturday, Aug. 19:

We’ve (Jim Hetrick and Lyra, our 12 year old) been trying to get to Bend for the last 10 hours, but the final stretches of the highway are embroiled in stop-and-go traffic.  You can see that several major wildfires in the area have cast the sky in a thick haze.  I snapped the picture of the mailbox because it is smack in the middle of nowhere and because I was able to capture a hummingbird that was charmed by the bright colors on the truck in front of us.  The prognosis for eclipse viewers with respect to the wildfires is not good, but we’re all in now!

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