Media X’s Pontuti to discuss transmedia at Sacramento International Film Festival

Media X program director Kevin Pontuti will be a panelist during the upcoming Sacramento International Film Festival. Pontuti will participate in the Transmedia Storytelling Panel at the festival. Transmedia storytelling, also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling, is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats. “Transmedia…

Communication professor Qingwen Dong

Faculty awards and outreach

Recognition Qingwen Dong, Professor and Chair of Communication, received an award from the National Communication Association (NCA) for work he has done to organize conferences between educators and scholars in the United States and China. The Presidential Citation for Service was presented to Dong in November for “exceptional service as the co-chair of the NCA Task Force…

Meet Pacific geology professor Lydia Fox

Lydia Fox is a geologist and one of the program directors of Pacific’s Environmental Studies program. “Geology’s just the best discipline,” Fox said. “It teaches creative thinking, critical thinking, and connects students to the environment.” Her specialty is studying the geochemistry of granite and learning how different formations developed.    

Guillermo Barro

COP faculty recognized in physics, film and geology

Guillermo Barro, Assistant Professor Physics, had his observing propoal for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope approved for the Cycle 1 Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science (ERS) Program. Barro’s team’s proposal focused on the study of distant galaxies in the early Universe was one of only 13 proposals approved by the director. Barro’s team will be one of…